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Cliff's Walk-in Closet

February 1, 2005

STUDIO NAME: Cliff’s Walk-In Closet

CONTACT: Cliff Goldmacher

LOCATION: Nashville, TN

KEY CREW: Cliff Goldmacher


RECORDERS/PLAYERS: Alesis Masterlink, ADAT XT-20; Panasonic SV3700

MONITORS: Event 20/20 bas, Mackie Big Knob, Sony MDR-7506 headphones [3], Bose Quiet Comfort headphones

MICROPHONES: Lawson L-47MP, AKG C414, C391 B [2]; Rode NT-2, Shure SM57, PG 52


COMPUTERS: Apple Power Mac G4/1.25GHz, PowerBook G4/800, Viewsonic G810 21" monitor

DAW: Digidesign 001, Mbox

SOFTWARE: Digidesign Pro Tools

SYNCHRONIZATION: Rosendahl Nanosync Audio Reference Generator, JL Cooper Data Sync

KEYBOARDS/MIDI: Kurzweil K2500

AC POWER: Furman AR-1215 Isolation Transformer, APC BACKUPS 1400


Cliff Goldmacher is literally beside himself: “Cliff’s Walk-in Closet,” his current studio, occupies the apartment next to the one in which he lives. No problems with the neighbors here.

Located about five minutes off of Nashville’s famed Music Row, the studio offers a range of recording services ranging from publisher song demos to television and film master productions. Goldmacher has also recorded/produced more than 3 dozen CDs in the Walk-in Closet. In addition to engineering and producing, Cliff is a multi-instrumentalist/session musician with numerous credits to his name. As a singer/songwriter, he’s released one CD under his own name, Songs I’ve Written and Memorized.

Gear-wise, Goldmacher placed his primary focus on equipping Cliff’s Walk-in Closet with a world-class vocal chain, citing his Lawson L-47MP and Manley VoxBox as his vocal-recording tools of choice. A Mackie Big Knob provides monitor level control, as well as “a much-needed talkback mic instead of yelling through the door. . . .” While a Digidesign 001 running Pro Tools LE software is the studio’s main recording tool, Goldmacher also puts his Apple PowerBook, Digidesign Mbox, and Bose “Quiet Comfort” headphones to good use for remote recording and audio editing at the nearby Starbucks.

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