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Manage Patch Parameters IzoTope Iris

August 21, 2013

Use the Iris Macro window to control multiple patch-specific parameters at a time.

You can assign your MIDI controllers to sets of parameters in Iris using MIDI Learn. The next step is to use the Macro window to save specific control routings to eight knobs that can be recalled as part of a patch. This allows you to set up elaborate controller assignments that will give you a higher degree of performance capabilities over your Iris instruments.

Step 3: When you’re finished making a Macro assignment, you can adjust the range for each parameter by selecting its minimum and maximum values. Set either your highest or lowest value on the parameter knob and then right-click on it. Hover over the Assign menu item, and then over the Macro Knob number that is checked. This will reveal a menu that offers Update Min and Update Max options; select the appropriate one for your controller setting.

Step 1 In the Mix window, use MIDI Learn to assign your MIDI controller to the parameters you want to use when playing a particular patch. Step 2 Click on the triangle next to the word Macro to show the eight knobs and the XY pad. Knobs 1 and 2 control the X and Y coordinates, respectively.
Step 3 Right-click on a parameter knob to assign it to a Macro control; select Assign and scroll to the Macro knob number you want. Step 4 Right-click on the Macro knob and select Rename to give it a new name.
Step 5 Macro routings are saved within the patch. If you like what you have, hit the Save button next to the Browser menu.
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