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Power App - Acoustica Mixcraft 6

July 19, 2012

Provide hands-on control for audio plug-in effects that respond to MIDI input

Some plug-ins (particularly pitch correction) can respond to MIDI input, but not all DAWs make it easy to do this. Mixcraft 6 treats MIDI control of audio plug-ins similarly to sidechaining.

Step 1 Choose Track > Add Track > Virtual Instrument Track. This creates a MIDI track, with the default name Instrument Track.

Step 2 Click the FX button on the audio track where you want to insert the MIDIaware plug-in.

Step 3 In the track’s FX selection box, choose an effect that accepts MIDI input (e.g., iZotope’s Stutter Edit).

Step 4 In the FX selection box’s “Use MIDI From Track” dropdown menu, choose the MIDI track you want to use for effects control.

Step 5 From the MIDI track’s choose device drop-down menu, select the desired keyboard or other MIDI controller.

Step 6 Play your MIDI controller to control the plug-in effect. If you don’t want to hear the instrument sound from the instrument track, click the Mute button. (This will not mute MIDI data, only the instrument audio.)

Step 4: Multiple effects can respond to MIDI control, either from the same instrument track or from different instrument tracks, as all MIDI tracks are available from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: You do not need to arm the MIDI track’s Record function to control the plug-in effect.

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