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Power App - Propellerhead Software Reason 6.5

February 15, 2013

Step 1 With an audio track inserted, hit Tab to flip the rack to the rear panel. Click on the track’s Show Insert FX button, right-click within the insert FX space, and select Studio Effects > Line 6 Guitar Amp
Step 2 Go to Create > Utilities > Spider Audio Splitter and Merger; then while holding down the Shift key, go to Create > Utilities > Line Mixer 6:2; then go to Create > Creative Effects > Alligator Filter Gate. (All modules are shown folded to save space.)
Step 3 Patch the Audio Track Insert FX To Device to the Guitar Amp inputs, the Guitar Amp outputs to the Spider Audio Splitter in, one Splitter stereo out to Line Mixer 6:2 audio input 1, another stereo Splitter out to the Alligator input, the Alligator Main Output to Line Mixer 6:2 channel 2, and the Line Mixer 6:2 Master Out to the audio track’s Insert FX From Device.
Step 4 Hit the Tab key to flip the rack to the front. Line Mixer 6:2 channel 1 provides the unprocessed ampsim sound, while Line Mixer 6:2 channel 2 adds the tempo-synced effect sound in parallel.

Create rhythmically intense processing for guitar (and other instruments)
Roger Linn’s AdrenaLinn is one of the coolest hardware guitar effects ever; it’s also available as a VST/AU/RTAS plug-in, but not a Reason Rack Extension. However, you can fashion AdrenaLinn-type effects with Reason’s Line 6 Guitar Amp and Alligator processors.


• Step 3: Remove any existing patch cords to the Alligator before performing patching.

• Step 4: Try different Alligator presets, tweak the knobs, and have a blast!

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