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Power App – AIR Ignite

February 22, 2013

Kick-start the creative process with algorithmic assistance

You can play Ignite as a traditional keyboard, or enable “Players” for different instruments. The Players generate patterns that you can modify in real time by calling up patterns with keyswitches, then playing melody lines or chords that are in turn “played” by the patterns. These “grooves” can be quite inspirational when writing songs, but can also help flesh out arrangements.

Step 1 Click on the instrument you want to use with the player, then click the Play tab.


Step 2 Switch the Players switch to On, and choose the Chord, Phrase, or Arp mode.


Step 3a If you selected Chord Mode, choose a Playing Style and Musical Style from their drop-down menus. Playing one of the brown keyswitches toggles the chord style on; playing on other keys causes them to be “played” by the chosen pattern.


Step 3b With Phrase mode, similarly choose a Playing Style and Musical Style. Playing one of the brown keyswitches selects a phrase in the selected style, with other keys being “played” by the phrase. The Fill keys add a fill at the end of the current phrase.


Step 3c In Arp mode, notes that you hold down are arpeggiated.

Step 4 The controls above the keyboard affect different parameters depending on which mode is selected; experiment to tweak a chord, phrase, or arpeggiated pattern.


Step 2: The Play tab turns blue when a Player is on.

Step 4: “Move to Key Sig” defaults to on, and causes notes to conform to the project’s specified key signature.

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