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Power App – Cakewalk SONAR X1

May 23, 2012
Move parts of a song around as blocks to extend existing song sections and alter arrangements.
When mixing and re-mixing, you may want to move sections of a song around, or block off sections and repeat them. This example shows how to isolate eight measures (measures 33–41) and extend this to 32 measures within a project.
Step 3: To turn this collection of clips into a Group, right-click on any of the selected clips, and choose Create Selection Group from Selected Clips. You can now drag this group of clips as a single entity to different parts of the timeline, or Ctrl-drag to copy.

Step 1 Type Ctrl-A to select all tracks, then click in the timeline at the start of measure 33. Type “S” to split all tracks at the start of measure 33. (The “now time” line is shown in red for clarity.)


Step 2 Similarly type Ctrl-A, click at the start of measure 41, and type “S.” The eight measures are now isolated for all tracks.


Step 3 Use the Smart Tool to draw a marquee that selects the isolated portion of all the tracks (outlined in light blue), then type Ctrl-C to copy this data.


Step 4 Go to the Edit menu, choose Paste Special, and click on the Advanced button to open up the dialog box. Enter the start time where the repeats should start (41:01:00), the number of repeats (in this case, 3) and the starting track. (As we copied all tracks, choose track 1.) Make sure Slide Over Old to Make Room is checked.


Step 5 Click on OK. The eight measures repeat three times (shown separated with light blue lines for clarity), and have pushed the rest of the song to the right to make room for the extra measures.


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