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Power App – Cakewalk Sonar

September 21, 2012
Make an audio track louder and even out dynamics, with minimal artifacts

Although limiting can increase the apparent loudness of audio, you can sometimes hear the results of limiting as audible artifacts. Multiband limiting, sometimes called “maximization,” can reduce these artifacts; fortunately, Sonar’s Sonitus:fx Multiband compressor can be tweaked into serving as a natural-sounding multiband limiter.

 Step 1 Insert the Sonitus:fx Multiband into the track or bus you want to maximize.


Step 2 Choose the Multiband’s Default preset.

Step 3 Click the Common tab, then click the Limit button.
Step 4 Click the Common section’s Gain parameter label and drag up to boost the level going into the limiter.
Step 5 The output meters will peak at a maximum of –0.1dB, even when hit with signals above 0dB. In limiting mode, a lit meter clip indicator means that limiting (not distortion) is occurring.

Step 1: Drag the Sonitus:fx Multiband from the plug-in browser into the FX bin as shown, or right-click in the FX bin and choose Multiband Compressor from the Audio FX context menu.

Step 4: With some program material, you can boost the gain by up to 6dB (i.e., 6dB of limiting), and sometimes even more, with no audible degradation.

Step 5: Don’t expect miracles; you can’t increase the gain by huge amounts without having at least some audible distortion.
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