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Power App – Magix Samplitude Pro X

March 19, 2013

Identify sections of audio with similar characteristics when you need to perform multiple edits

The Comparisonics “audio search” feature makes it easy to find similar pieces of audio in a file. In this example, a drum part’s cymbal was miked too closely and is too loud, so the goal is to find each cymbal crash instance and lower its level.

If the file is in a Virtual Project, hold Shift, then double-click on the object. This opens the file as an HD wave project. You can also type W, then simply load a file.

Step 5: If this file came from a Virtual Project and you want it to end up in the same VIP, select the file’s entire range, copy it, then paste it back into the VIP.
Step 1 Select the range with the sound you want to find elsewhere in the file, then type C to copy it to the clipboard.
Step 2 From the Object menu, choose Comparisonics Audio Search.
Step 3 Adjust the sensitivity. Higher sensitivities will find more matches, but overly high settings can give false positives. Sections that match the audio are indicated with Match labels just above the timeline.
Step 4 Choose Project Properties from the File menu, and make sure Destructive Wave Edit Mode is unchecked. Then choose the Draw Volume Curves cursor.
Step 5 Draw in the appropriate volume change at each matched section.
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