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Power App – PreSonus Studio One Pro 2

February 22, 2012


Construct a vibrato effect from available components in Studio One Pro 2.

Flanging combines a varying delayed signal with a dry signal; removing the dry signal can produce vibrato, but the SOP2 Flanger effect doesn’t allow for delayed sound only. The solution is to sum the Flanger with a dry signal that’s out of phase, cancel the dry signal, and get true vibrato.
Step 4: LFO Width determines the vibrato depth; controlling this by a mod wheel or footpedal allows for expressive control.
Step 4: Shorter delays are more responsive, but don’t allow for as much vibrato width.

Step 1 Copy the primary track to which you want to add vibrato by alt-dragging it to a secondary track.

Step 2 Insert the Flanger processor into the primary track.

Step 3 Insert the Mixtool processor into the secondary track.

Step 4 Adjust the Flanger and Mixtool parameters as shown.


Step 5 Vary the secondary track’s level. Above or below the “null point” where the dry portions of the signals cancel you’ll hear flanging, but at the null point you’ll hear vibrato.

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