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Power App – PreSonus Studio One Professional 2

June 26, 2012
Integrate album mastering/assembly with song editing
Studio One Professional 2 has separate pages for multitrack recording (Song Page) and album mastering/assembly (Project Page). However, these are integrated—if you edit a Song that’s incorporated in a Project page, the older Project Page version can be remixed and replaced with the newer version automatically.
■ Step 2: You can edit a Song referenced in a Project Page at any time, as long as it still exists in its original file path. Otherwise you’ll be asked to locate its current location.

Step 1 Drag a Song file from the browser into the Project page’s Track Lane (as shown), or into the Track Column. Repeat as needed to assemble an album.

Step 2 If after listening to the complete album you decide a Song in the Project Page needs changing, you can edit it. Choose the Song Page and if necessary, open the Song file.


Step 3 After editing the Song, save the new version.

Step 4 Return to the Project page; note the red button in the Track Column and Track Lane Song labels. This indicates the song has been revised.

Step 5 Click on the red button to remix the Song, and replace the version in the Project page with the new version.

Step 6 The red dot in the Track Column and Track Lane Song Labels has turned blue, indicating that the edited version has been remixed and updated. A dialog box indicates the time that was required to update the file; click on OK.

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