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April 24, 2013
Convert MIDI data feeding virtual instruments into audio tracks

Many virtual instruments have multiple outputs; for example, drums that group kick into one audio output, hi-hats into another, toms into another, and so on. Studio One Pro 2.5 can render these into individual audio tracks for editing.
Step 3: If you check Render Inserts, any effects in the channel inserts will be rendered into the audio. Otherwise, the effects will be inserted into the corresponding audio track.
Step 4: To revert to the original instrument track (assuming Preserve Instrument Track State was checked), right-click on any of the rendered tracks in the Track Column, and select Transform to Instrument Track from the context menu.
Step 1 Native Instruments’ Battery has four outputs exposed, as shown in the mixer’s Instruments panel. We’ll render these to four individual tracks.
Step 2  Right-click in the virtual instrument’s MIDI track entry in the Track Column, and select Transform to Audio Track.
Step 3 Choose the transformation characteristics. If you check Preserve Instrument Track State, you can always revert to the original MIDI track. After making your selections, click OK.

Step 4  The individual outputs are now rendered as separate audio tracks, and you can edit them as you would any audio tracks. The MIDI data is ghosted in the background.
Step 5 To see only the rendered audio channels and hide the virtual instrument channels, uncheck them in the Instruments panel.
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