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Power App – Propellerhead Reason 6

April 19, 2012

Create a pumping, dynamic dancemix drum sound

Applying extreme amounts of compression to mixed drums, then triggering the compressor with an individual drum via sidechaining, “smashes” the drum mix when the individual drum hits but otherwise leaves the drums alone.

■ Step 3: Turning the MClass Compressor Input Gain above +4.5dB makes the track sound even more rude.
■ Step 3: Reducing the Release limits the pumping effect to a smaller “window” of the drum sound. 

Step 1 Set up your basic signal path: Drums (e.g., ReDrums) stereo out > RV-7 Reverb in > RV-7 Reverb out > MClass Compressor in > MClass Compressor out > Line Mixer1 in > Line Mixer master out to Mix channel.


Step 2 Set up your sidechaining (for clarity, previous patch cords not shown): Send ReDrum’s snare solo outs to the Spider Audio Splitter in. Send one Splitter out to Line Mixer 2 in, so you can mix the snare audio back in with the drums. Send another Splitter out to the MClass Compressor Sidechain In so the snare provides the sidechain signal.

Step 3 Hit the Tab key to flip the rack around. For the maximum effect, turn the MClass compressor Ratio to at least 16:1 and Release to maximum, Input Gain to +4.5, and Threshold and Attack to minimum. When the snare hits, the gain-reduction meter should go way down. Adding reverb emphasizes the pumping effect; the control settings shown are a good starting point. Adjust the Line Mixer channel 1 and 2 controls for the desired blend of mixed drums and the individual snare sound, respectively.

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