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Power App! Get off to a Better Start in Microsoft Windows 8

May 22, 2013
Add functionality that is similar to the pre-Windows 8 Start menu
The Windows Start menu was a great way to launch programs, but Microsoft ditched it in Windows 8 in favor of the tile-laden, touch-friendly “start screen.” We can’t give you back the Start button, but you can have two-click access to your favorite programs and files from the Windows desktop.
Step 3: You can create sub-folders in the Start Menu folder to organize the shortcuts even further, but it adds another click to select a shortcut within a nested folder.
Step 1  Type Windows Key + X, then click on Desktop. 
Step 2  Right-click in the desktop, choose New > Folder, and name this folder Start Menu. 
Step 3  Right-click on a program or file you’d like in your new “start menu,” then choose Create shortcut. After creating all desired shortcuts, drag them into the Start Menu folder. 
Step 4  Right-click in the Taskbar; choose Toolbars > New toolbar.
Step 5  Navigate to the Start Menu folder and select it. Click on Select Folder to create the toolbar. 
Step 6  Click on “Start Menu” in the Taskbar, then choose your program or file. 
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