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4/24/2011 2:26 PM

 By Gino Robair When I’m on the road, I’m quickly reminded that, instinctively, I embrace improvisation as a method of dealing with the uncertainties of life. Many of us do already, especially musicians and other creative types who have learned

4/17/2011 8:54 AM

You could call the yearly Musikmesse trade show the "NAMM of Europe," but it's about five times the size of NAMM, in a convention center consisting of Jetsons like buildings interconnected by moving walkways a city within the city of

4/12/2011 3:00 AM

After a protracted battle, engineer/producer/innovator Roger Nichols succumbed to pancreatic cancer on April 9, 2011 at age 66.

4/1/2011 1:23 PM

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