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6/13/2011 6:15 AM

DIRT FLOOR is an analog recording studio located in Chester, CT. The studio is littered with vintage goodies—amps, keys, guitars, etc.—though honestly, I feel that I could make a great record with a 4 track cassette recorder and a cheap

6/13/2011 6:12 AM

I’ve recently discovered the benefits of audio files that can stretch to match a project’s tempo changes, but I’m trying to sort out the different stretching technologies—REX, Acid, Apple Loops, DSP based, and so on. Which gives the best stretch

6/13/2011 6:04 AM

BY CRAIG ANDERTON 1 If it was a synthesizer, it would have six voices, three or five program changes, a pitch bend wheel, 2.5 octave range, and volume control—and people would laugh at it, saying “How could you make any


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