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Oct 4

Written by: masterblogger
10/4/2010 4:03 AM  RssIcon

AskEQ_nrThis isn’t a technical question, but it nonetheless involves a problem in my studio. It seems whenever I buy gear these days, there are lots of extras—manuals in non-standard formats, a sheet of paper with some kind of authorization code, rubber feet for a rack unit, a software CDROM, weird adapters I don’t need now but may need someday, etc. I can’t file these, I don’t want to keep the original boxes for just a few things, storage boxes waste space, and I don’t want to throw any of this stuff out. You guys must get a lot of gear. What would EQ do?

Robert Randall, Minneapolis, MN

EQ: Actually, there’s a pretty cheapo solution as long as you don’t need to access these things on a regular basis. Go to the supermarket and buy a bunch of 1 or 2 gallon plastic storage bags (you don’t need freezer bags, which cost more). Then, visit an office supply store and get some non-removable labels, along with one of those medium-size, threedrawer stackable storage units.

Dedicate one bag per piece of gear, label it (along with the date of purchase and serial number, just in case), then toss all the associated extras in there. Put the bags in the drawers.

 In the studio, you can give new meaning to “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.”

Should you ever need to access any of this, just go through the bags until you find what you need. Problem solved!

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