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Dec 22

Written by: masterblogger
12/22/2010 8:56 AM  RssIcon

Do you mix “in the box,” or do you use an outboard console with your DAW? What are the advantages of your setup?

dbxxl_1..jpgDBXXL: I mix 100% in the box, but I do want to invest in getting more outboard gear, because emulate all you want, you will never get the same sound that hardware can provide. My main reasoning is budget: I make a living as a pro musician, but I am not rich, so just through necessity I have had to be in the box, though I do have some outboard gear.








ChrisCooper.jpgChristopher Scott Cooper: Never in the box. Pushing all that content out just to converters, you lose fidelity; it sounds small and has lack of depth, even with the best converters. I may sub-mix some items in-box, but send it all through analog summing or a mixer. I use a DAW for automation, plus hardware, and it still sounds better than 80% of plug-ins available. Don't get me wrong, I love what I can now do in-box with plugins, but I mix big sounds and in-box can't cut it.











DougOsborne.jpgDoug Osborne: Almost every mix is a hybrid of some sort. At the very least, some tracks and buses go out to analog gear. A competent engineer can get great sound from an in-thebox mix. An incompetent engineer can make the best recording into a bad mix. This is the future, deal with it!

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