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Nov 22

Written by: masterblogger
11/22/2010 9:33 AM  RssIcon

REV_DaveStagner_nr“When tracking what was to be the first song on Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters’ Apocalypse Blues, the drummer hit the crash on the first beat so hard, it went flying off the stand. I saved the ensuing laughter and jokes, and then attached them to the real take, so the album has a false start. Of course, the keeper take was a few takes later, so this moment of studio vérité on the album is, in fact, a forgery.”
—Dave Stagner, Minneapolis, Minnesota






REV_Anthony_Kuzub_nr“Let your contact cleaner dry. We were excited to try out this amp purchased on eBay. The pots were really bad, so we opened it up and sprayed in some contact cleaner. I suggested we let it sit for a second, but others got excited and it was turned on; it looked dry. A few chords were played, and in a flash, the still-wet contact cleaner caught fire. Quickly, the three of us blew it out and extinguished the flame. Once the smoke had cleared, one guy said without hesitation, ‘Wow, does that thing sound amazing!’ This is one of the many proofs I have that ‘Things really do sound their best right before they blow up!’”
—Anthony P. Kuzub







REV_JonathanBarrett_nr“My very first paid recording session was to record and master ten Vietnamese songs in one day as a grand opening for our studio. It was nuts! And I don't speak a word of Vietnamese! Most stressful day I’ve ever had!”
—Jonathan Barrett, Costa Mesa, California

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