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Mar 18

Written by: masterblogger
3/18/2012 6:35 PM  RssIcon

Well, we're finally back at home, hosing the beer and dirt off of our sneakers and rehydrating with gallons of Gatorade. As we look back on an amazing week of live music, we'd like to share a few tidbits of wisdom from some of the great bands we interviewed this week in Austin. Be sure to catch all of our interviews in their entirety on our main SXSW page at
•  Pace yourself on the drive down.
•  Pace yourself on beer.
• "Hydrate and migrate": drink plenty of water, and get someone to drive you around. It's worth it to hire a driver.
•  Stock up at the hot sauce store.
•  You don't have to be in an official showcase-venues are everywhere. A taqueria is a venue.
•  Bring a handout so people remember who you are, and how to find you.
•  It's a numbers game: The more you can play there, the better. Play as many unofficial showcases as possible.
•  Plan! Make a schedule, and learn ahead of time how to park and load in gear.
•  Talk to everyone. You never know who's going to be sitting at the bar-a celebrity, a record producer, a rich person who likes your band.
•  Make friends with lots of other bands. You might be able to help each other out and gig together sometime.
•  Make a good record before you think about doing anything else. Having good music comes first.
•  Bring extra phones and computers. Don't rely on anything that could break.
•  Carry a gallon of water. It's heavy, but you'll need it.
•  Everyone's an expert-don't take sh*t from anyone and stay true to yourself
•  Be respectful of other bands.
•  Do some "internal" work-develop thick skin.
•  Get out of downtown and see the rest of what Austin has to offer. Cross the tracks! 
Got any advice to share for bands aspiring to play SXSW? We want to hear it! Leave your tips in the comments below...

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