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Oct 1

Written by: masterblogger
10/1/2012 1:10 PM  RssIcon

It's that time of year...leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and audio manufacturers everywhere are putting the final touches on fresh, new products, just in time for their big debut at the Audio Engineering Society convention in San Francisco. We've been getting some sneak peeks at new goodies, and we can tell you we're really excited. If you don't have a pass, fear not: We have a free VIP badge for you. Click here to register, and pass the link on to your friends! During the show, be sure to stay tuned to our AES Information Central to get up-to-the-minute dispatches from the show floor. Click HERE for the latest news.

The gear is just the tip of the iceberg at AES, though; there are hundreds of events, panels, and workshops designed for everyone from students to seasoned experts. The Grammy Roundtable and the Platinum Producer, Engineer, and Mastering panels are big favorites of ours; they're rare opportunities to listen to pros at the top of their game share truly inspiring tales and valuable advice. (Check the AES calendar for details.)

Speaking of inspiring, this year the AES is hosting a special screening of the Wrecking Crew documentary, which documents an elite group of session musicians who formed the backbone of hundreds of hits that came out of L.A. in the ’60s and ’70s.  If you’ve heard records by the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, or the Mamas and the Papas, you’ve heard the Wrecking Crew.
Though the film pays tribute to the immense talent and versatility of these players, its larger point is this: Despite their prolific careers, there had never been any real acknowledgment of their impact on these songs that are so deeply woven into our culture.
Recorded music is a collaborative art form built on the contributions of songwriters, artists, producers, and engineers. And in the age of digital delivery, though you think it would be easier to track information, those working behind the scenes are actually in danger of losing the recognition that they deserve—which impacts not just their livelihood, but their story. Fortunately, organizations such as The Recording Academy are making great strides campaigning for practices that ensure everyone receives credit, for our paychecks and for posterity.   

 But these initiatives need your support. Check out the Recording Academy's Give Fans the Credit initiative, and be sure to read “State of Play” on page 12 in our November issue to find out how you can get involved. Make sure your story is told.  

Will you be at AES? Let us know! Hope to see you there... 

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