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Jan 25

Written by: masterblogger
1/25/2013 11:43 AM  RssIcon

Sensaphonics, the technology leader in personal monitoring, has announced the availability of a new Bass Boost option for the company’s flagship 3D Active Ambient IEM System. The option is available through the Sensaphonics Custom Shop, which specializes in hand-wired upgrades to the 3D monitoring platform.
The Bass Boost option provides a +10 dB low frequency boost at the 3D bodypack mixer, significantly bringing out the sub-bass spectrum. This is more effective than adding low-end via EQ at the source because it avoids putting the boost through the companding circuitry found on most IEM wireless systems. The Bass Boost option can be incorporated in any 3D Active Ambient system that uses the 3D-2 dual driver ambient earphones.

“The idea for the Bass Boost on the 3D system came from two sources,” says Sensaphonics president and founder, Dr. Michael Santucci. “Touring engineers were looking for a way to compensate for the lack of bass on stages that are basically solid blocks of concrete, while DJs wanted to hear the extended bass response found in many club systems. Both report that the 3D Bass Boost is the answer.”

Ian Kuhn, monitor engineer for the Dave Matthews Band, says, “We tested the 3D Bass Boost bodypacks on tour. It proved helpful on some of the more dead stages we played last year, including the Hollywood Bowl and Riverbend Amphitheater, and we also used it on some TV show performances. It really helped out in rooms with notoriously light low-end, and it has become part of our audio toolbox.”

The Bass Boost is also very appealing to DJs. Delaware-based DJ Bis reports, “The 3D is an amazing product for DJs, especially with the Bass Boost feature, which is absolutely fundamental. I feel immersed in the experience every night, and can better discern critical EQ adjustments for more accurate mixing and cleaner sounding sets. The Sensaphonics 3D with extended bass is without compromise! Once you try them, you will not want to take them off.”

The Bass Boost option can be ordered with new or existing 3D Active Ambient systems, as long as they have 3D-2 dual-driver earphones. The wiring of the upgrade re-purposes the bodypack’s internal DIP switch, normally used to select between 3D-1 and 3D-2 ambient earphones, using it as an on/off switch for the +10 dB Bass Boost effect.
The patented 3D Active Ambient is the only in-ear monitoring system that captures and delivers on-stage sound while keeping the ears completely sealed. A compact bodypack mixer allows the artist to add as much or as little ambience to the monitor mix, eliminating the sense of isolation found in conventional IEMs. This robust audio platform is used in monitoring applications both on-stage and off, including DJ mixing, studio recording, audio-for-video, and front of house mixing.

In addition to the Bass Boost option, Sensaphonics Custom Shop offers a Record Out version of the 3D Active Ambient, as well as a special version designed for musicians with unilateral hearing loss. For details on customizing the 3D Active Ambient audio platform, visit the Sensaphonics website ( or call toll-free at 877-848-1714.

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