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Mar 16

Written by: masterblogger
3/16/2013 12:16 PM  RssIcon

[editor's note: this post is the first dispatch from our guest reporters on the street, Kristina Sutton and Nicole Newton. They'll be bringing the fan perspective. Stay tuned to hear about more of their adventures!]


When asked who we were most excited about during SXSW 2013, our response was undoubtedly, without hesitation, every time, Butch Walker. Unfortunately, most people's response is: "who is Butch Walker? Well, dear readers, let us tell you. Butch Walker is an American songwriter originally from Georgia, recording artist, and record producer. He's been around since the late '80s as a metal band guitarist, but has since dabbled in the '90s pop-punk scene and started a successful solo career. Meanwhile, he has produced and written songs for an extensive list of artists who frequent the top 10 charts. In 2011, Walker released his album "The Spade" with The Black Widows,
which was well received by fans and noticed by celebrities. (Most notably Matthew McConaughey, who appeared in the music video "Synthesizers".)

At Vice Bar, Walker did not fail to disappoint the incredibly high expectations we had for him. In
tonight's set, Walker was on vocals and lead guitar, backed by drums, guitar, and banjo. Walker's set consisted of a combination of well-loved songs and new unreleased musical ventures. Yet again, his new songs have his unique Butch Walker feel, which is a combination of rocker intuition, emotive lyrics, and a charismatic stage presence the conjures both nostalgic memories and visions of a hopeful future. His new music had his hallmark rocker edge, but with embedded reverberated country softness, no doubt a tribute to his southern roots. His set was well received, and the crowd seemed to be a mix of dedicated followers and newcomers. Walker's charisma engaged the crowd in the cozy venue, which had a jubilant and infectious atmosphere. At one point, a woman next to us turned and said she was "thankful" she had discovered Walker and wondered why Walker wasn't the one closing for the night. As enthralled as we were by the phenomenal performance, our highlight of the night was meeting Walker himself just before
 he went  on. Although clearly rushed to start the show, he was nice enough to stop and chat a little bit, take a picture, thanked us profusely for coming, gave us a quick hug, and catapulted us both into a Butch Walker-induced heavenly coma.

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