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Nov 8

Written by: masterblogger
11/8/2013 9:12 AM  RssIcon

As you probably know, we regularly solicit information about reader rigs, both studio and stage setups, and we love to print our favorites. In November, we feature a really rad Moog-obsessed reader named Martin Yam Møller. Here, in his own words, he describes the "Moogenstein":

"Here's a picture of my “gig rig,” though it's not exactly easy to lug around...I'm a guitar player and started collecting Mooger Fooger pedals a couple of years ago. Now it has gotten a little out of hand! Ironically, I got all of them, except their most famous one: The Moog Ladder Filter.

I got the MPC1k because it gets me away from the computer screen. Making music with my hands instead of my eyes has really brought some joy back into the process.
The whole rig is mixed and recorded onto a classic 4-track cassette recorder: The Tascam 424. It's really hands on and immediate. Brings me back to being 12 years old and making punk rock demos with my friends…and guess what, I like its sound and it is impossible to re-create in a DAW."
You may wonder, what the heck does he do with this rig? Well, as it turns out, he can churn out a mean cover of a mean Johnny Cash cover, which he tweeted to us today. So grab your morning coffee, sit back, and enjoy "God's gonna Cut You Down," as performed on the Moogenstein...
Got a great rig to show us? Send pics and info to We'll print our favorites in upcoming issues, so be creative!—Sarah Jones 

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