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September Gear Debuts From Universal Audio, Blue, Numark, Zoom, and More!

August 21, 2013

Universal Audio
Ocean Way Studio Reverb
Convolution reverb plug-in
HIGHLIGHTS Uses impulse responses taken from Ocean Way Recording’s Studios A and B • three mic distances: Near, Mid, and Far • selectable mic bleed and proximity effect • Reverb mode lets you mix wet and dry signals • Re-Mic mode replaces original room and mic sound • vintage mic collection used to create IRs • requires UAD-2 DSP accelerator card or Apollo interface
TARGET MARKET Engineers and sound designers who are looking for reverb from two classic rooms
ANALYSIS Using Universal Audio’s high-quality processing to harness the sound of Ocean Way Studios is a no brainer.


Acoustica Premium Edition 6
Digital audio workstation
Includes multitrack editing and a suite of audio restoration plug-ins • support for multichannel audio, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround • phase-linear EQ • includes Declipper plug-in • VST and DirectX plug-in support • works with Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista operating systems • Acoustica Standard Edition 6 ($39.90) and Acoustica Basic Edition 6 (free) available with fewer features
TARGET MARKET Semiprofessional engineers and musicians in personal studios who are honing their recording skills
ANALYSIS An inexpensive DAW that the company says is designed for “ambitious home users.”

Keith McMillen Instruments
USB controller
$149 street
HIGHLIGHTS MIDI-to-CV conversion • 25-pad keyboard that senses velocity, pressure, and tilt • polyphonic aftertouch • pitchbend and octave pads • 2 CV inputs that support an expression pedal • 3 CV outputs and 1 gate output • bus or AC powered • weighs less than 1 lb. • software editor for Mac and Windows • iOS and Android compatible
TARGET MARKET Anyone looking for an interface that connects between their DAW, mobile device, and analog synths
ANALYSIS A highly portable USB keyboard controller that facilitates communication between digital units using MIDI and analog gear via control voltages and gates.


Blue Microphones
USB microphone
Positional condenser mic capsule with cardioid pattern • 16-bit, 48kHz resolution • frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz • three recording modes: Voice, Music, Raw • adaptive DSP includes de-esser, EQ, and level control • built-in pop filter • internal shockmount • mute button and onboard volume control • no-latency headphone output • supports USB 1.1 and 2.0
TARGET MARKET Musicians, podcasters, and voiceover artists who want to go beyond consumer-quality mics
ANALYSIS Blue has done its homework in developing desktop USB mics that include digital signal processing that makes it easy to get pro-level results.

Software vocoder
10-band vocoder modeled after the Roland VP- 330 Vocoder Plus • arpeggiator • mixer and formant tuning • control over pitch tracking and the attack and release of the analysis algorithm • Stereo space, reverb, and phaser effects • modulation matrix covers 14 sources and 24 destinations • Mac/Win • works as an AAX, RTAS, Audio Units, VST2.4 or VST3 plug-in
MARKET Musicians, DJs, and sound designers looking for classic vocoder sounds in a virtual instrument
ANALYSIS Once again, XILS has modeled a desirable vintage instrument that everyone else has ignored.

AIR Instruments
Software additive synthesizer
Additive synthesis • 3 LFOs for modulation • 4 velocity-sensitive envelope generators • repeater function • spectral modulation • spectral distortion • modulation and reverb effects • “moving” filter and Blur functions • global pitch and glide-time controls • Smart Sound Randomizer • VST, Audio Units, and RTAS plug-ins • 64-bit • 350 presets
TARGET MARKET Composers and musicians who desire an out-of- the-ordinary sound palette that offers a high degree of tweakability
ANALYSIS AIR Instruments (formerly Wizoo) has a long track record of high-quality virtual instruments, so this is an additive synth you’ll definitely want to check out.


DJ-style controller
2.4GHz low-latency wireless controller with 100-foot range • 16 pads that configure into 64 assignable buttons • assignable jog wheel • X and Y accelerometers • USB connectivity • 4 banks with 4 virtual knobs per bank • supports lossy and lossless audio files • includes Orbit DJ Software and MIDI Editor (Mac/Win) • lightweight (11.2 oz.) • 8 hours of continuous operation
TARGET MARKET Musicians and DJs who want to control audio, video, or lighting remotely
ANALYSIS A lightweight and inexpensive DJ-style control surface that is all the more useful thanks to battery power and wireless operation.


H6 Handy Recorder
6-channel portable digital recorder
$399.99 street
HIGHLIGHTS Records six channels simultaneously • built-in stereo mics in XY and Mid/Side configuration • 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs with three levels of phantom power • works as a 6x2 USB audio interface • audio resolution up to 24-bit/96kHz with BWF support • accepts SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards up to 128GB • mounts to camcorder or DSLR with accessories • built-in effects, tuner, and metronome
TARGET MARKET Recordists who need a portable digital recorder for music or sound for picture
ANALYSIS Zoom has extended its line of rugged portable recorders to a seriously professional level.


8 Step Program
Control-voltage sequencer
$164.51 street
Step sequencer for devices that accept CV or expression pedal input • stores 10 user presets, expandable to 100 with optional foot controller • 3 Play modes: manual, oneshot, and loop • tap-tempo footswitch • MIDI In syncs to MIDI Clock • expression input • four directions: forward, reverse, bounce, and random • includes 9V power supply
TARGET MARKET Guitarists and synth players who normally use expression pedals or other control-voltage sources to modulate effects
ANALYSIS Electro-Harmonix has a knack for creating inexpensive products that fill an unmet need. This is definitely one of them.


Wavetable synth for iPad
Two wavetable oscillators • create and edit your own wavetables • integrated speech synthesis • build wavetables by analyzing audio files • multimode filter • Drive effect can be placed pre- or post- EQ or filter • includes modulation effects and modulation matrix • delay and reverb • onboard 4-track recorder • arpeggiator
TARGET MARKET Musicians and sound designers looking for a state-of-the-art soft synth on a mobile platform
ANALYSIS Waldorf has a long history of innovation with wavetable synthesis, all of which has been distilled into a powerful iPad instrument that will satisfy beginners and pros alike.


Pocketrak PR7
Portable digital recorder
Portable digital recorder with stereo condenser mics in an X/Y configuration • records up to 24-bit, 96kHz WAV files • records MP3 files up to 320kbps • plays WMA files • external mic and line inputs • overdubbing mode • built-in tuner and metronome • playback speed ranges from 50–200% • 5 recording presets • 2GB internal memory • accepts micro SD/SDHC memory cards
TARGET MARKET Anyone who wants a small, high-resolution device to record gigs, lessons, and jam sessions
ANALYSIS The additional features in this portable digital recorder make it well suited for musicians of every level.


Line 6
Relay V75-SC
Digital wireless mic and transmitter
$399.99 street
Supercardioid polar pattern • 24-bit resolution • 14 channels • includes models of Shure Beta 58A, AKG D5, and Electro-Voice N/D767 mics • handles up to 118dB (A weighted) • 10Hz to 20kHz frequency response • no compander • metal mic body • includes hard-shell case
TARGET MARKET Singers and public speakers who work in performance venues and houses of worship
ANALYSIS Expands the Line 6 Relay system of reliable digital wireless products into an affordable handheld microphone that offers four mic models.

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