2015 In Review: Electronic Musician Articles

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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This year, we've gone to SxSW 2015; gave two separate talks to Grammy chapters (one in San Francisco called The Art of Crowdfunding and another in Austin called Making Money With Music); and wrote one article a week here at the DIY Advisor. But in parallel to this, we also wrote and released many articles at Electronic Musician Magazine. We often don't always get to share those here, but with 2015 coming to a close, we wanted to collect all the articles that are free and available online for our DIY Advisor readers. These include:

  • Master Class: Nine $0 Music Marketing Strategies - February 2015
    This is a topic that we've covered in The Indie Band Survival Guide (2nd Edition) as well as in talks and classes we've given. We're always surprised by the great response, but we often find that when musicians understand strategies like The Standing Out Strategy and Piggybacking, there's a big change in how they think about marketing music that goes along with it. Unless you have tons of money to spend, you need to be scrappy, and this article can tell you how.

  • How to Increase Your Video Views on YouTube - March 2015
    YouTube is the largest music search engine. Many of the techniques outlined are within your reach and implementable today..

  • Master Class: Make More Money on Merch - April 2015
    This article gets you to think about the kinds of merchandise a customer would want and explains how to get into their head to boost this income stream.

  • How To: Create a Musical Persona - September 2015
    Today, music goes beyond making a brand. Fans today are located all over the world; you’ll never meet most of them. Use this “How To” article to shape and develop how you appear to the world. If you don't take control of this, they will do it for you and you might not like the result.

  • Master Class: Making Money from "Free" - September 2015
    As a musician, it's inevitable people will ask to use your music "for free". But even if you decide to allow others to license your music freely, you should still get something out of it. This Master Class article outlines a practical set of steps to make sure that you do. And, it will give you the types of terms to ask for in order for you to evaluate whether it's an opportunity to take advantage of or one to walk away from.

But while that's 2015. We have even more practical and useful Electronic Musician articles planned for 2016. With the research we're doing right now, we expect that some will have so much material that even at feature length, we'll have a lot of great information to share with you here at the DIY Advisor as well. So check back each Wednesday!


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