Eight Alternative Versions Of Songs You Can Release

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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In today's streaming culture, fans of your work want new music from you on a constant basis -- especially since it doesn't cost them anything extra to listen to new music. Releasing alternative versions of your music on a regular basis is a great way to stay top-of-mind and keep your music in the new-releases section of the streaming sites. Plus, it can improve your plays and sales.

To create new tracks out of your existing music, try these eight ideas:

1. Remix Your Music

Remixes are one of the simplest versions to make, especially if you make electronic music. The music is completed and there -- all you have to do is reshape it into a new version of the song.

2. Create an Acoustic/Unplugged Version

Try recording an acoustic version of your song or use minimal instrumentation. Show a different side of it and yourself with your fans.

3. Release a Live Version

If you're a live musician, capture a feed from the board. Every live show immediately creates new recordings that can be mixed down and turned into a new recording to be sold or streamed.

4. Do an Acapella Version

If your music has vocals, you can release an acapella version of the songs.

5. Mix an Instrumental Version

Take out the vocals and release an instrumental version. Instrumentals don't just make great songs for fan, they're also useful for licensing purposes since many music supervisors use instrumentals for film, TV, or commercials.

6. Share the Demo Version

Sometimes the version you originally did has that special something that you just can't recreate in a studio. It can also show your fans depth as well as give them insight into your creative process.

7. Release an Out Take or Wildly Different Version

Our band, Beatnik Turtle, often reworked songs in our back catalog so they had a different feel or different lyrics. Often these were experiments, but some were done just for fun.

8. Create a "Making Of" Version

Like the director commentary of a Hollywood release that gives the behind-the-scenes on the making of the movie, you can create a "making of" version of your music. You can talk over the song and explain how you came up with the idea, what recording techniques you used, and how you created the music.

It's important to note that each of these different versions is a different sound recording, and therefore has the potential for streaming royalties. This means you should register an ISRC code and register your copyright for each one you release as well as register them at SoundExchange since each of them have value.

Challenge: Try making one of these alternative versions for one of your tracks.


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