Here's What To Do When Someone Thanks or Compliments You (Part Two)

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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Last week, we discussed how to harness the enthusiasm of fans when they thank or compliment you. You can and should do the same thing with professionals you work with -- press, bloggers, bookers, music supervisors, venue owners and more. Whenever this spontaneous enthusiasm occurs and they talk or message you with a compliment, there’s a short window of time where you can ask them to help.

But the opportunity is even better with professionals since they’re often more connected and have other opportunities for you within their reach (more publicity, more gigs, more licensing opportunities). As we discussed with fans, the things you ask for need to be concrete -- easy to understand and quick to act on. However, with professionals, you often can make more detailed requests.

Try the following next time you get a compliment from a professional relationship:

1. Ask them for the next booking, licensing deal, or sale.

When a booker or venue owner is happy with your music and work, leverage it into the next deal. For example, if they're thanking you for putting on a great show, ask if they want to book the next one. A successful licensing deal closing is the time to introduce other music you have available and to ask what other music they’re looking for. Also, no matter who it is, use that time to find out what other projects they’re working on to see how you can help them further. For example, a venue might be working on a charity concert or a music supervisor might be struggling with finding the right music working on another movie or video.

2. Ask them to refer you to others they work with or know.

It's likely that any professional you're working with -- whether it’s a reporter, music reviewer, booker, podcasters, music supervisor -- knows others who may write about or interview you, play your music, book you, use your music. A professional thanking and complimenting you on your work or taking time out of your day to be interviewed all presents a great opportunity to leverage it into additional opportunities and is a great way to use networking to get more opportunities.

3. Ask them to write a testimonial.

Testimonials are especially useful for musicians that play live. Any venue booker or owner that hasn’t seen you perform wants to get an idea of the quality of your show. Having professionals -- journalists, reviewers, other bookers -- can give them those reassurances in advance. Testimonials don’t need to be and shouldn’t be long, so all you need to ask for is a few sentences. Even if you have a lot of testimonials already, keep asking for new ones them since recent ones hold more weight. And, because these quotes can be used in so many different places such as booking kits, press kits, marketing materials, websites, and social media.

This list isn’t exhaustive -- the idea is to make you aware of that special opportunity and window of time you have when a professional thanks or compliments you so you turn that moment into additional opportunities. That said, all of these activities have another benefit: it's human nature for a person to think better of someone that they've recommended. Because of this, getting any professional to recommend you helps keep you top of mind when the next opportunity comes up. This makes it worth the few minutes it takes to ask for it when they go out of their way to tell you that you've done a great job for them.

Lastly, if any professional follows through on any activity above, be sure to thank them. Also, if they refer somebody to you, and you end up working with that person they referred, be sure to circle back and thank them again and share what occurred. Doing so not only makes them feel good about helping out people they know, but also will make it more likely that they’ll continue to refer you to others and bring opportunities your way.

Challenge: Use one of the suggestions above next time you get a compliment from a businessperson.


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