Hey, Go Create An Album This November

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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You didn’t take up the challenge back in February, did you? Or, perhaps you did and you’re just a creative savant who’s simply looking for another excuse to write some more songs and produce a new album. Either way, this November is the perfect time to challenge yourself to write and record a new album all within 30 days.

As we said back in January when we invited you to participate in Record Production Month (RPM) or February Album Writing Month (FAWM) (, when it comes to creating music, sometimes it’s not the technology that’s the hurdle, it’s finding the motivation.

And that’s what National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is all about. NaSoAlMo challenges you to create a solo album of original music within the month of November. It’s free to participate and there are only a few rules:

  • You have to write, record, and create your album within the 30 days of November.

  • Your album must clock in at a minimum of 29 minutes and 9 seconds.

  • Your music must be original -- although they do allow the exception of one song being a cover.

Just as with RPM and FAWM, and a shout out to National Novel Writing Month which inspired NoSoAlMo, the idea isn't to create the perfect album. Instead, it's about creating the first draft of new music. Our own band, Beatnik Turtle, used these challenges as pure motivation -- to focus the band on a single project and jump start the songwriting process. We found that nothing spurred our creativity more than a deadline.

Although our band always succeeded in writing, recording, and producing an album within the month, we never immediately released it to the public or put it up for sale. Instead, we’d only share what we initially created with others who participated in the same challenge. Then, over the course of the next few months, we’d continue to craft and revise what we created. We’d write new parts, do additional overdubs, add other instruments, and re-write/re-sing lyrics. Plus, we’d reconsider the running order (sometimes cutting songs all together) and improve the artwork. Eventually we’d turn it into a finished, polished album -- When I Was Your Age and Sham Rock are two examples -- and officially release it to the public. So, don’t think of what you create this November as the end product, rather look at it as the start of a new album.

Are you ready to take the challenge? You’ve got 24 days and counting to decide. Here’s one last chance this year to motivate and challenge yourself to make some new music and exercise your creativity. Give it a shot!

Challenge: Sign up for NaSoAlMo and create an album within the month of November.


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Photo Credit: Tim Wilson

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