One Simple Idea To Generate Tons of Marketing And PR Opportunities

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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It's often hard to know where to start in order to get marketing and PR coverage for your music. Who should you talk to? Is there a list of places that will give you coverage? In fact, where are places that cover your genre of music?

Fortunately, there is a very simple technique that every musician should use. If you haven't done this yet, when you do, you'll be flooded with new ideas for promoting yourself and your music.

Here is this simple technique:

1. Research

Find artists that have a similar sound or fanbase as your music. It's best to get at least two: one who is very famous and well-known and a second that is a more established local artist if you play live, or an up-and-coming artist online if not.

Note that you won't be doing this to be the same as another artist; instead you'll be using these similar, established artists so you can find the fanbase and journalistic outlets predisposed to your type of music and places where the fans most likely to like your music hang out. If you do this right, it's the fastest way to create your own distinctive space, get coverage, and grow your audience.

2. Search

Do a web search, and categorize every place that these artists are covered:

  • Websites: Take a look at their websites, and take note of how they describe themselves, and how they put together their work. Use these as ideas to enhance your own website.
  • Articles: Create a document to track reviews of their music and articles about them. Include the publication that covered it as well as the names of the journalists that wrote the articles. If you've found an artist similar enough, these publications and journalists are the most likely ones to cover your own music and are the best place to start generating publicity.
  • Web Presences: Note all of the web presences they maintain. You likely will want to be in the same places. Also, get a feel for how they interact with and engage their fans. Make note of what works and see about adapting those techniques for yourself.
  • Venues: List any venues that they play live at. These are the places to target since they're likely to book your type of music.
  • Sites: Track any sites that list the artists in your genre or list similar types of music. These are places you should target to get listed.
  • Message Boards and Discussion Sites: Subscribe and participate in any message boards, Reddit forums, or websites where potential fans gather to talk about artists similar to you. These are good places to get covered. 

When researching, don't stop on the first page of results. You should keep researching and cataloging all the sites on later search results pages since you'll want a complete survey of the artist's coverage. Time spent now will pay off down the road since each place you find where they've gotten coverage can be places for you.

3. Act:

Once you have a list, it's time to act on it and get some coverage for yourself. Make a plan and submit your music to the same places. This is a very targeted publicity campaign because you can mention the similar artist in your post as you try to get covered. Note that once you get some coverage, build on these successes. Use them as social proof for other PR outlets you want to target.

4. React:

Use tools like Google Alerts and to track the artists most similar to you. These services will notify you via email of recent coverage and activity for them. Use this new information of coverage to keep up the campaign. Submit to the same places. Getting these alerts will give you a constant stream of fresh ideas as you piggyback on their successes.

If you follow this simple technique, you'll be able to both give your publicity campaigns a huge jumpstart as well as target those people most likely interested in the type of music you create.

Challenge: Find at least one artist similar to your genre or your fanbase and use that to generate new ideas for your marketing and PR.


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Photo Credit: Hery Zo Rakotondramana

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