The Top 10 DIY Articles of 2016

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan

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Each year around this time we like to look back to see which DIY Advisor articles were the most read, shared, and discussed. So, give us a drum roll as we share 2016's top 10 articles in reverse order, from number 10 all the way to the number 1 article of 2016:

10. One Authentic Way To Constantly Engage With Your Fans (Part One)

There's an art to working social media and many musicians aren't comfortable with it, often overdoing the "buy my album" posts or being unable to come up with what to say day-to-day. Beyond understanding the social media pyramid, there's one easy way we wrote about that can help you constantly engage your fans, it just takes a slightly new way to approach your releases.

9. Are You Choosing The Best Digital Distributor To Get Your Music On Digital and Streaming Services?

This article helps you critically assess which digital distributor is best for you since each service affects the amount of money you can make.

8. How We Turned A Fun Song About Star Wars Into A Licensing Deal -- 5 Lessons You Can Use

In this article we share 5 key lessons we learned in creating, distributing, marketing, and licensing one of our band's songs that you can use in making, marketing, and licensing your own music.

7. One Thing At A Time

Musicians in today's new music industry have a lot to do. But focusing on the end result immediately is like looking at a finished cake and not realizing it was created one step at a time with different ingredients. So our advice in this article -- which comes from a band with over 20 albums, multiple license deals, and a 365 song-of-the-day project is: take it one step at a time.

6. Where To Find Music Instruction Online

Today, you can learn anything through the web -- instruments, music theory, recording techniques, software, mastering, music business, and more. To help you get started or show you other places you can get instruction, this article puts together a list of sources you should consider checking out -- online or via mobile.

5. 3 Ways to Save Money Registering Your Copyrights

There are 7 registrations you should do each time you release music into the world to ensure you get all the royalties owed to you as well as protecting your music. Five of them are free, but the two involving registering your copyrights cost money. This article shares 3 tips you can use to save money when you register your copyrights.

4. The Secret To Building A Following On The Internet

If content is king, consistency is queen. This article boils down the secret to building a following on the internet: releasing regularly scheduled content.

3. The Difference Between Licensing And Royalties

This article explains the difference between licensing and royalties -- two great sources of income for today's musicians.

2. 100 Free Articles to Help You Grow Your Music Career

When we hit the 100th article of The DIY Advisor, we mapped each one to our list of DIY categories we created in our first column. By organizing them this way, this article can help you dive into all the free advice we've created for you at Electronic Musician Magazine.

1. Five Things You Need To Do To Put Together A Killer Live Show

If you took a video of you or your band performing a live show and played it back on mute would you know which song you were playing based on just looking at it? This article introduces Tom Jackson, a live music producer, who asks this question whenever he helps musicians. His advice tells musicians how to create unforgettable live shows for those just starting out to mainstream acts. Read this article to learn how important this is to building a fanbase and growing your income.

So those were the top 10 for 2016. Thank you for all your support -- reading, tweeting and sharing articles, and writing us with comments and questions!

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