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James Taylor’s Shipping Container Echo Chamber

February 5, 2016

Shipping containers, or cargo containers, are being used lately for more and more purposes besides shipping consumer junk from overseas. We see people using them as impromptu retail spaces, greenhouses and even some beautifully designed homes when utilized as modular units.

Leave it to a musician to come up with the idea of making a shipping container into an echo chamber for applying natural reverb to recordings. Not just any musician, either. A post earlier today on Slate showed how Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer/songwriter James Taylor built a 40-foot shipping container echo chamber to sit outside his Massachusetts studio, TheBarn. He used the echo chamber on several songs from his 2015 album, Before This World.

In Slate’s video below, Taylor explains that an echo chamber needs to have highly reflective surfaces, none of which are parallel. He then explains how they modified the ceiling and wall before demonstrating the results. Apparently, Taylor will move the echo chamber, “Aqueduct,” underground sometime this year.

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