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Korean Musician Sells Her Award Onstage During Ceremony To Pay Rent

March 2, 2017
Korean recording artist Lee Lang inadvertently raised awareness about the desperate state of earnings for musical artists by auctioning off her trophy during the Korean Music Awards this year.

According to the translation provided by the Korea Exposé website, Lang stated "My income in January was [$370US]...Thankfully I made [$850US] in February. It is difficult to make a living as an artist. It would have been great if there was some prize money to this award, but it is not the case. So I think I'll have to sell this trophy."
And with that, Lang promptly auctioned it off with a starting bid of $442US—the amount of her rent. The winning bidder came onstage and paid her in cash.
The Korea Exposé article goes on to talk about the "immature" notion of copyright and fair compensation in South Korea for musicians. You can watch the acceptance speech and bidding here
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