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This Month's Soundtrack, January 2011

January 1, 2011

This month, we span the world with artists from such disparate locales as Portland, Ore.; Berlin; Moscow; Boston; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Copy: Hard Dreams (Audio Dregs Recording)
Copy (aka Marius Libman), a Portland, Ore.–based artist, offers up a hypnotic set of electronic dance music full of arpeggiated and catchy melodies.

Here's the song "Breakfast" from Copy's album. You can also watch a video of this song.

Sonia Brex: NAIF (Piranha)
This arresting collection from the Italian-born Brex, who is a longtime Berlin resident, comprises a diverse group of songs, which could loosely be termed “electro-pop,” but that bring together influences as varied as bossa nova and Chinese opera.

This is the song "Good Times" from Sonia Brex's new album.

Freezepop: Imaginary Friends (Archenemy Records)
The Boston-area quartet offers a sound that is in many ways a throwback to ''80s synth pop. The band''s songs have been in a number of videogames, and are anchored by Liz Enthusiasm''s vocals.

Download the Freezepop song "Doppelganger" from the band's new album.

Ukab Maerd: The Waiting Room (HC Productions)
Chuck Oken Jr. and Gayle Ellet present an impressive album of electronic explorations that feature a huge array of synths. Much of it was recorded live, with additional overdubs and loops from French guitarist Richard Pinhas added later.

Here's an extended excerpt from the song "God's Elastic Acre" from the album The Waiting Room.

Various Artists: Ines LP (Clown and Sunset)
The debut from 20-year-old Nicolas Jaar''s label is a compilation of three artists from across the world: Jaar is New York City-based, Nikita Quasim lives in Moscow, and Soul Keita hails from Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia. The common theme is a mix of sound design, and electronic and acoustic textures. The material is unusual, as is the delivery medium for the physical album: a USB memory stick.

Download the song "Her String," which features all three artists from the Inés LP, Nicolas Jaar, Nikita Quasim, and Soul Keita

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