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The 2015 Editors' Choice Awards

January 14, 2015

Of all the issues that we put together each year here at Electronic Musician, February is the most fun. That’s when our editors and reviewers convene for many, many hours, comparing notes about which products stood out in the previous year. But this isn’t a beauty contest or a way to give undeserved recognition to our advertisers. Rather, the curmudgeons who put their reputations on the line in every issue make sure that each Editors’ Choice Award is earned; the products must be notable and outstanding, either in their exceptional build and sound quality, unique or innovative features, or by providing the best value.

So instead of trolling the gear forums in November, this surly band of stubborn and highly opinionated critics argue about what is and is not award-worthy. Once the dust settled, 31 products (released within the eligibility window between AES 2013 and AES 2014) made the cut this year.

So, let’s hear it for the 2015 Editors’ Choice Award winners, and give an extra round of applause to the creative men and women who developed the tools we use to make our dreams come true.

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