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July 1, 2014

SoundOut Soundout ( is a service that, for a fee, will play your music to an objective group of listeners so they can rate and review each song you submit. You receive a detailed report for each song you submit that breaks the data out by demographic group, so you can see which group likes your music the most (or least). This can give you some real insight as to the type of people that your songs will appeal to before you even release it to the world.

Once you have collected information about your fans, you’ll know where to target your marketing efforts. Considering that most of these methods just take a few minutes to use and are free, it makes sense to get started right now. Once you do, try aiming your efforts at the single most promising age demographic, a particular city or region, and the fans of one similar artist. While it may seem, at first, to be limiting yourself by narrowing your focus, instead, you’ll be more effective at conquering one segment of your potential listeners, and boost the word of mouth that grows you beyond your original fanbase.

Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan are authors of The Indie Band Survival Guide (St. Martin’s Griffin), now in its second edition.

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