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Denon DJ DN-X1600 Digital DJ Mixer

June 10, 2010

Based on the same core engine as Denon DJ''s DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is an affordable and versatile 4-channel digital mixer with a variety of features geared for DJs and electronic musicians. The DN-X1600 provides a MIDI control UI area for functionality and ease-of-use.

The DN-X1600 features tactile controls logically laid out to enable easy operation during performance. This unit features large high-quality rubberized knobs, studio-quality 60mm Alps custom channel faders, high-visibility VFD display, and extended 16-point LED channel and output metering. The DN-X1600 is also equipped with V-LINK, a function developed by Roland Corporation that allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video. Connecting devices that support V-LINK to the mixer''s MIDI terminals (such as the Edirol V-4 or V-8) make it possible to perform a wide range of visual effects linked with the tempo of the music.

The DN-X1600 uses 32-bit floating DSP and a 32-bit D/A converter, along with a large capacitor and large-diameter winding wire for the transformer. Ideal Grounding Construction protects the mixer from external noise. It features a high-quality phono amplifier with a high sound/noise ratio. The unit''s discrete transistor construction for the mic amplifier realizes a studio console class'' low noise level (EIN: 126dB).

A total of 14 digital effects open the DN-X1600 up to a variety of sounds and mixing techniques. All effects can be freely assigned to any channels. Effects include delay, echo, ping-pong delay, trans, flanger, filter, phaser, reverb, echo reverb, loop, reverse loop, pitch shift, beat breaker and beat scratch. (Ping-pong delay, echo reverb and beat scratch are newly developed.)

The DN-X1600 offers a number of connectivity features, including an exclusive MIDI control UI area; 8-channel (4x L/R stereo) USB audio I/O soundcard (PC/Mac); Matrix Input Assign with DVS Direct mode for control signal (timecode) DJ applications; four MIDI Layer and MIDI Remote functions; and a low-latency ASIO driver.

The DN-X1600 is extremely rugged and portable. The 3-band isolator features variable cross-over frequency. The unit comes standard with dust-free 60mm long-stroke channel faders, in addition to 45mm FLEX cross-faders with A/B cut-position adjustment and travel tension control.

The DN-X1600 is now available.

Find out more about the DN-X1600.

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