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Now Shipping: Rane Sixty-Eight

April 29, 2010

Club mixer Rane Sixty-Eight is the first Scratch Live–compatible DJ mixer that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously, with four channels, a range of quality effects and robust Rane hardware design.

Using two USB ports, the Sixty-Eight mixer lets users control up to four decks with one laptop. Two Scratch Live DJs can now play back-to-back, allowing for seamless handover from one DJ to another. Users can also control up to four decks with a single laptop. The Rane Sixty-Eight features easy-to-use internal digital effects, with automatic bpm detection for precise effect calculation. New DJ-FX in Serato Scratch Live 2 can also be routed to the mixer. Plus, each channel features a filter sweep with high/low-frequency control.

Dedicated controls strips put Scratch Live Cue and Loop functions and library navigation at a user's fingertips. Four user-assignable groups can be used to re-map the control strips to suit individual performance needs.

The Sixty-Eight also offers studio-grade phono preamps, USB and S/PDIF inputs, and two independent microphone inputs, as well as Rane''s patented EQs, magnetic crossfader and rock-solid construction.

Find out more about the Sixty-Eight.

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