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8 Drum Mic Kits Tested: CAD, Shure, Sennheiser, and More

By GINO ROBAIR | August 21, 2013

WHEN IT comes to bang for the buck in the mic world, look no further than the drum pack. The typical pack contains several dynamic mics for close-miking—one voiced for kick, one for snare, and others for toms—and usually a small-diaphragm condenser or two for use as overheads. Two of the products in this article diverge from the formula.

Manufacturers often repackage existing products from their line in a way that makes a drum pack more affordable because everything you need is included: Without even counting the accessories and carrying case, it’s cheaper to buy the mics in one of these configurations than to purchase them individually. As a result, drum packs are an efficient way to assemble a collection of mics for stage, studio, classroom, and houses of worship—anywhere you need to balance cost with convenience. Of course, any of these transducers can be put to work on other instruments—guitar and bass amps, brass, vocals, and percussion. And many of these mics have been around for years, so they have passed the test of time.

This article is by no means an exhaustive list. Some of the manufacturers in this roundup offer more than one package, and in those cases, I chose the kit that seemed the most representative. The products are listed in order of street price, from low to high.

Keep in mind that sound quality isn’t necessarily tied to price when it comes to a drum mic. An inexpensive kick or snare mic can be just as effective as a high-ticket item depending on musical style and personal taste. Look no further than the ubiquitous SM57, which streets for under a $100, for proof of that.


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