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Bias Peak LE: Burn a Red Book CD from within Peak LE 5.2

By Craig Anderton | December 13, 2007


  1. Go File > New > Playlist Document. A Playlist window appears; check the Audio CD Playlist box.
  2. Drag AIF, WAV, or SDII files into the window. If the order isn’t what you want, you can drag an entry up or down to change the order.
  3. To add a gap between cuts, enter the desired value in the playlist’s Gap/Pause field.
  4. To enter CD-Text for the CD, click on the Audio Compact Disc info button toward the left of the Playlist window. Enter the information in the window that appears, then click on OK. To enter CD-Text for individual tracks, click on the CDTXT button (at the extreme right side of the Playlist) for the associated track. Enter the information, then click on OK.
  5. Go File > Burn Audio CD, and enter your preferences in the Burn Audio CD window. To include CD Text, check Burn CD-Text from Playlist.
  6. Insert a blank CD into your drive, click on Burn, and shortly thereafter you’ll have a Red Book-compatible CD.


  • In step 4, your Mac needs a CD drive capable of burning CD-Text information, and must be running system 10.4 or higher.
  • Note that you can’t add MP3 files to the playlist window—only WAV, AIF, or Sound Designer II format.
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