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Cycling ''74 Releases Max/MSP Version 5

April 29, 2008

Max 5 image

Cycling ''74 has released version 5.0 of Max/MSP. This version features a redesigned multiprocessing kernel and a platform-independent, streamlined development environment. In addition, it has a new patcher interface, a searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation, and new tutorials.

Furthermore, Max 5 features a stylized user interface designed to help the user express and understand complex ideas. Each graphical element informs the user of its function, and the new Presentation mode allows for performance layouts that do not affect the programmer''s view of the patch. According to the manufacturer, this new system provides a more efficient workflow.

Pricing is as follows: Max/MSP is $495, the Max/MSP/Jitter bundle is $699, and the Max 5 Upgrade is $199. Discounts for student and educational institutions are available. Also, those who purchased Max/MSP or Max/MSP/Jitter after October 1, 2007 are eligible for a free upgrade. You can download Max 5 at

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