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IK Multimedia Virtual Instruments: Organize and manage your presets

By Craig Anderton | January 16, 2008


  1. Locate the Instruments folder associated with the particular IK instrument (default is [root drive]\Program Files\IK Multimedia\[name of instrument]\Instruments) and create a Favorites folder. Of course, this could be named anything you want.
  2. Create any sub-folders you want within the Favorites folder.
  3. Each preset is made up of three file types, each with its own extension (.sth, .sti., and .stw). For each preset you want to copy to the Favorites folder, make sure you drag over all three files. In this picture, the 4-Osc Stereo Sweep patch is being copied from the Instruments folder to the Bass folder in favorites.
  4. Open the instrument program and click on Prefs. When the Preferences window appears, set Relist on Startup to “On.” This is necessary to recognize any changes you make.
  5. Close the program, or if you’re using it as a plug-in, close the host program.
  6. Re-open the program (or instantiate it as a plug-in), and your new folder(s) and presets will show up in the browser.


  • In step 1, putting an exclamation mark (or other symbol) in front of the folder name will jump it to the top of the list in the instrument browser.
  • You can create multiple folders, and choose any of these folders as the Root folder in the Preferences menu.
  • Copied files can be renamed as long as you don’t change the .sti, .sth, and .stw suffixes.
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