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New Gear, October 2011

January 1, 0001

Highlights from Summer NAMM 2011

Revelation Stereo
Stereo tube mic

082_ELM1011_Newgear-4Highlights Stereo microphone • uses hand-selected Electro- Harmonix EF86 pentode tubes • fixed X/Y 90-degree stereo capsules • tuned grill cavity to reduce standing waves • comes with stereo power supply, shock mount, Mogami XLR and power supply cables, aluminum flight case, cleaning cloth
Target market High-end recording of drum overheads, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, and other sources that benefit from stereo recording
Analysis Why set up two mics when one will do the job? With most DAWs defaulting to stereo tracks, the Revelation Stereo simplifies recording stereo sources.






Audiobox-VSL Series
USB 2.0 interfaces

082_ELM1011_Newgear-5Highlights Three models: 2-in/2- out, 4-in/4-out, 18-in/18-out • tightly integrated software provides virtual “Fat Channel” dynamics processing and EQ (à la StudioLive-series mixers), with ultra-low latency for realtime recording/monitoring • Class A XMAX mic preamps with 48V phantom power • MIDI I/O • reverb, delay effects • includes PreSonus Studio One Artist DAW
Target market Depending on the model, laptop/portable recording, small studios, larger studios, laptop-controlled on-stage mixing
Analysis To compete in a crowded interface market, PreSonus folds in virtual processing that bypasses a computer’s operating system for extremely low latency.

Paraline Series
Vertical array PA
PSA1 $2,399, PSA1S $2,399

082_ELM1011_Newgear-3Highlights System includes PSA1 active full-range loudspeaker system and 1,400-watt dual 12-inch PSA1S active subwoofer • injection-molded ABS cabinet and neodymium-magnet woofers minimize overall weight • integrated power amplifiers and internal DSP • patented Paraline horn lens technology • up to four PSA1 cabinets can operate safely from a standard 15-amp service
Target market Mobile PA applications and venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn’t practical
Analysis This compact, expandable active vertical array follows the industry trend of packing more power for live performance into a smaller, more-easily-set-up footprint.


















iPad-programmable pedalboard

082_ELM1011_Newgear-2Highlights Design a pedalboard on an iPad or iPad 2, choosing from 87 pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabs • assign effects to footswitches and pedal • can operate without iPad inserted • place effects and effects loop in any order • up to 10 pedals, one amp, and one cab per setup • library for storing, organizing, and rating presets
Target market Guitar processing on stage or in the studio
Analysis A brilliant melding of iPad and conventional pedalboards, the IPB-10 uses the iPad to create setups, then lets you transfer these to a rugged pedalboard with lots of I/O.





Guitar-to-USB adapter

082_ELM1011_Newgear-1Highlights Package includes single-coil acoustic guitar pickup, 1/4"-to-USB cable, and Mac/ Windows Cubase LE software • do-it-yourself installation, no modifications or drilling required • 16.5' total cable length • pickup- mounting brackets feature soft, shock-absorbing cushions
Target audience Acoustic guitarists who want to record an instrument into a computer quickly and easily, without mic setup issues
Analysis As more musical devices feature direct USB interfacing, it’s not surprising that acoustic guitars have now joined the club. The low price basically makes this an impulse item for songwriters.





American Audio
MIDI DJ controller

083_ELM1011_Newgear-1Highlights Two-channel MIDI controller • bundled with Virtual DJ LE software • two “Midilog” channels are compatible with MIDI software or analog inputs (CD players, turntable, etc.) • mic input • adjustable crossfader curve • balanced XLR outs • 4-in/4-out audio interface • dual platters allow for “virtual scratching”
Target market Laptop-oriented, software-based DJs who want hands-on control
Analysis Thanks to laptops, inexpensive hands-on controllers, and DJ software, it’s easier, simpler, and more cost-effective than ever to get into DJing. Controllers like the VMS2 continue that trend.






Source Audio
Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Follower
Bass processor

083_ELM1011_Newgear-3Highlights 22 different envelope filter effects, including phaser and positive/negative filter sweeps • four modulation sources: envelope filter sweeps, LFO waveforms, expression pedal, and Hot Hand motionsensing ring • three footswitches to hold six customizable presets • tap tempo • seven-band EQ • active analog bypass
Target market Bass players who want to go beyond standard bass effects
Analysis Effects manufacturers are paying more attention to bassists. The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter increases functionality compared to its predecessor, the original Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter.











Micro PLS
Personal light show

083_ELM1011_Newgear-4Highlights Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, with 100– 240V charger and 3-hour charge time • red, amber, blue, and white 1-watt LEDs run for six continuous hours on a full charge • 17-ounce weight, small, extremely portable • light filter caps included to create blended wash effect
Target market Performers playing in small venues who want to add economical, portable lighting effects
Analysis Lighting is becoming an essential part of an act, but most options are designed for relatively large venues and are costly. The Micro PLS provides an alternative for smaller gigs.

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