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Radial J33

By Barry Conley | October 28, 2005

Last week me and Suicidal R.B. were lurking around Venice for some stuff. Looking to cop some Poly . . . that’s Poly Vinyl Chloride. Yeah, we needed it bad. We scored on Lincoln and Rose at the Out of the Closet jumble store. Yeah, we got it from the Man. The Man was way gone, like dead, man. His mother left the “Closet” his stash. Yeah, she left his poly vinyl chloride wax stash. Fifty years of great records and we got to choose the best of the lot at 50 cents a pop. Sun Elvis, Mott the Hoople, Deep Purple, John Coltrane, Thin Lizzy, Dizzy and Bird, James Bond, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Lou Reed, Moxy, Les McCann and Eddie Harris, rare Hendrix, Canned Heat, and Blue Oyster Cult.

The fix was on.

Now to road test the rig. . . . I used the Radial J33 phono preamp direct injection. Feels like a brick, sounds like heaven. Clear and crisp, fat and tight. Who cares about the specs, anything these mofos make is great. Rock my world, rock it hard. Skip, pop, scratch, krang! Just like I want it. Wow. . . .

Like all good junkies, I lied. Here are the sobering specs. The Radial J33 is a RIAA phono preamp and active DI that lets you to connect a conventional turntable with magnetic cartridge to a recording system, hi-fi, or P.A. system. The unit has unbalanced 1/8" (3.5mm), 1/4" TRS, and RCA stereo output jacks, and left and right XLR outputs powered by 48 volts from an external console or an included 15 VDC power supply. The J33 also has a LED power indicator, a rumble filter button, a ground lug, and a full-bottom no-slip pad to provide electrical and mechanical isolation. Whether you are going to drop your vinyl to CDs or take it to a gig and spin, the J33 is built like a rock and it is designed to be “plug-and-play” easy-to-use.

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