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Sony Acid 6: Use drum maps to record MIDI drum parts quickly and easily

October 24, 2008


1. Go Insert > Soft Synth, and from the window that pops up, choose a virtual drum synth (in this case, Battery 3).



2. Load a drum kit into your drum program. In this screen shot, a General MIDI 2 program is being loaded into Battery.



3. Insert a MIDI track to drive the drum synth.



4. In the MIDI track, click on the Program button (the keyboard icon) and go Drum Maps > Select Drum Map.



5. As we’ve loaded a GM2 drum set, you can choose the “Standard Set—GM2 Device” drum device. Then, close the window (don’t click on “Open Editor”).



6. Click on “Enable Inline MIDI Editing” that the drum map names appear within the MIDI track itself.



7. The names for the various drums now appear along the left side of the MIDI track instead of note names. The up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the list respectively means there are more drums than are visible; click on these to show the other drums. Now grab your Paint Tool, and create a part!


¦ In step 5, if a GM2 drum kit hadn’t been selected, you would check the box “Battery,” then click on “Open Editor” to create a drum map specific to Battery. After creating a map for a specific drum set, you can save it for future use.

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