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By Craig Anderton | March 15, 2011

Use sidechaining to trigger effects in novel ways

OBJECTIVE: Use the audio characteristics of one track to trigger effects in a different track.

BACKGROUND: VST 3.0 effects with sidechaining capabilities can process one track while accepting a control/trigger signal from another track. In this example, we’ll control a wah’s filter frequency (that’s processing guitar) from a drum part’s dynamics.

1_Cubase1 Open the guitar track’s Inspector, then click on “Inserts.” In the Select Effect Type field, insert Cubase 5’s VST 3.0 WahWah plug-in.










2_Cubase2 Click on the Wah Wah insert’s “e” (edit) button. When the WahWah interface appears, click on the “Activate Side- Chain” button.






3_Cubase3 Open the drum track’s Sends Inspector.







4_Cubase4 Click in a Select Send Destination field for the drums, then select the sidechain destination—in this case, WahWah.










5_Cubase5 Click on the Send’s “power” button to activate it, then adjust the Send Level for the desired amount of interaction with the WahWah.






6_Cubase6 Adjust the WahWah parameters for the desired effect.






• Step 1: Cubase 5 effects with sidechaining capabilities include Delay, Dynamics, Modulation, and Filter.
• Step 4: If other sidechain-friendly effects are inserted, they’ll also show up as available send destinations.
• Step 5: The orange button next to the power button indicates a pre-fader send, so the drum track’s control signal will be constant regardless of its fader setting. Clicking on the orange button changes the mode to post-fader, where pulling down the fader also reduces the send level.

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