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October 9, 2006

MOTU Universal Version of Digital Performer for Mac OS X

MOTU’s Digital Performer DAW is now available as a Universal application for Mac OS X version 10.4, and has been ported to work with both Power PC and Intel-based Macs. Available as a free download for registered 5.0 users, this maintenance update provides numerous code enhancements and optimizations.

Samson VR88 Limited Production Ribbon Mic

The VR88 features a fine, pure aluminum corrugated foil ribbon suspended within an intense Neodymium field, producing a warm, natural, smooth response. Capable of handling high SPLs of up to 138dB, the VR88 is recommended for vocals, acoustic instruments, and even guitar stacks.

TC Electronic Assimilator Konnekt Plug-In For Konnekt 24D

TC Electronic’s audio interface, Konnekt 24D, will now include Assimilator Konnekt, in addition to Fabric R reverb and Fabric C channel strip. Assimilator Konnekt, an equalization tool that “learns” the frequency curve of one piece of audio so it can be applied to another audio file, is available as a free download at the company’s website.

Muse Research Releases UniWire

UniWire technology offloads processor-intensive tasks to your Receptor while retaining integration with your computer DAW system. This allows using Receptor as an external, modular DSP processor to accelerate any computer: UniWire is compatible with most VST host computer programs; AU and RTAS versions are slated for future release. The UniWire software update is a free download to Muse Receptor owners from

MXL.006 USB/Cardioid Condenser Mic

Designed with ease of use in mind, the new MXL.006 ($169.95) features a large gold diaphragm that delivers a big, rich sound characteristic of studio and broadcast microphones, yet is a USB instrument that connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps.

Apogee PCI-Express Driver For Mac Pro

Apogee has announced a new high-performance PCI-Express driver for their 24-bit 192k Digital I/O capable “Symphony” 32-channel PCI-Express card. This Universal Binary driver is compatible with Apple’s new Mac Pro hardware, works with all CoreAudio software applications, and comes bundled with Apogee’s Maestro Software.

Music Unfolding’s PhaseDelayArray AU Effect

Music Unfolding has announced the release of PhaseDelayArray ($19.99). With three effect units chained together in an interesting configuration (oscillating reverb, modulation, and feedback sections), the PhaseDelayArray is available for OS X as a Universal Binary-compatible application.

iZotope “Vinyl” Plug-In Update

The product of extensive research in analog modeling techniques, Vinyl simulates the sound characteristics of a record player, allowing control and automation of wear to warp, mechanical noise to the year of the record player. A free update is now available from the iZotope website.

Sonica Audio Labs HUSH-965 Audio Workstation

The HUSH-965 audio workstation ($2,499.95) is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor running at 2.4GHz per core, with 4MB of cache memory and a 1066MHz FSB. It incorporates Extreme XMS II DDR2-800MHz memory, SATA II, and Dual Display support.

NUSofting Marimka VST Instrument

The Marimka VSTi version 1.0 is a Windows-compatible virtual instrument that is optimized to create ethnic folk sounds (in this case, marimba and balafon). Much more than an acoustic emulation, at extreme settings it reveals a strong synthetic timbre, making it useful for hybrid textures.

Universal Audio UAD-1E Express and Expert Paks

The UAD-1E Express PAK ($499) and Expert PAK ($999) with PCI Express DSP Cards both ship with UA’s core 15 free Mix/Guitar FX plug-in suite, plus a UAD$100 (Express) and UAD$750 (Expert) voucher that customers can use online.

Zaxcom Deva Mix-12 Control Surface

The Deva Mix-12 is a fully digital 12-fader control surface that directly manages the audio mixer embedded within the Deva IV and V location recorders, performing all location mix and record functions. This reduces production costs by eliminating the need for expensive external mixing consoles.

Big Fish Audio’s Heat Seekers Hip-Hop Construction Kits

Heat Seekers, a pile of 50 construction kits with more than 1,900 loops ranging from 70–140 bpm in various keys, has just been released. With 4GB of content in WAV, REX, and Apple Loops formats, this package specializes in blazin’ beats, thick bass lines, nasty synth, tight horns, strings, and more.

Zoom H4 Handy Digital 4-Track Recorder

The ultra-compact H4 is perfect for a variety of mobile recording applications. It performs as a dual function device with a 4-track mode for multi-track recording, and a stereo mode (2 track) for handy field recording. It comes bundled with Cubase LE and multiple accessories.

CAD Trion Line

The CAD line of studio mics has three new members: the Trion 8000 (a multi-pattern, externally biased, large dual diaphragm studio tube condenser mic), the Trion 7000 (a dynamic, dual-element ribbon mic), and the Trion 6000 (a multi-pattern, externally-biased, large dual diaphragm studio condenser mic).

Neve Portico 5033 Five-Band EQ and Line Driver

A combination five-band equalizer and high-performance line driver, the 5033 features Rupert Neve’s custom input and output transformer designs, five bands of EQ based on traditional curves, ±12dB input level adjustment, five filter bypasses, and is available in either horizontal or vertical formats.

Furman SPB-8C Stereo Pedal Board

Admit it, you use guitar pedals in the studio — so give them a nice home with a hardshell case, multiple outlets, isolated jacks, two levels of surge and short circuit protection, and ultra low-noise performance. The stereo patch bay contains eight 1/4" switching phone jacks, connected in two stereo loops.

E-Mu Systems’ Platinum 88 Grand Piano Sound Library

This new library ($149.99) offers Emulator X and Proteus X users over 7GB of 24-bit grand piano samples. Based on a Steinway Model L concert grand piano, the Platinum 88 features 12 layers of samples for each of the piano’s 88 notes. Also included are 1GB and 200MB 16-bit versions of the piano for sequencing flexibility and optimized performance.

Podcasting, Recording, Surround Workshops

How-To workshops, designed to train worship sound volunteers, praise band, and church media members, now include a 3-hour “Podcasting for Worship” workshop that covers recording, editing, and more. The How-To workshops are produced by audio industry veteran Hector La Torre for Fits & Starts Productions.

Fender Princeton Recording Guitar Amp

The Princeton Recording Amp ($1,428.56) is a moderately powered, all-tube amplifier. Features designed for recording include a compressor, spring reverb, overdrive section, and power attenuator that allows cranking up the amp for full output tube overdrive, then setting the speaker volume as low as desired.

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