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Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Special Edition Extended Libraries

March 6, 2008

image of seven VSL libraries

The Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) has released seven Extended Libraries that complement the company's existing Vienna Special Edition download products. The Special Edition modules now provide additional instruments, and are as follows:

Special Edition Strings – Extended Library
Special Edition Strings Plus – Extended Library
Special Edition Woodwinds – Extended Library
Special Edition Woodwinds Plus – Extended Library
Special Edition Brass – Extended Library
Special Edition Brass Plus – Extended Library
Special Edition Percussion & More – Extended Library

Please note that the purchase of any Extended Library requires the registration of its corresponding Standard Library.

The Special Edition Extended Libraries offer additional instruments not included in the Standard Libraries, such as Chamber Strings, Appassionata Strings, woodwind ensembles, saxophones, piccolo trumpet, contrabass tuba, and more.

Likewise, the Special Edition Plus Libraries offer additional articulations not included in the other Libraries. The Plus Libraries offer articulations beyond basic playing techniques, such as short détaché, snap pizzicato, trills, and so forth. For more information, visit

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