Search Gear Releases Pop Fusion Synths - NI Massive Presets

March 10, 2016 has released Pop Fusion Synths - NI Massive presets in cooperation with sound designer Bryan Lee.

Genres: Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Chillout, Funk, House, Indie, Electronica 'Pop Fusion Synths' contains 70 brand new, premium quality presets for Native Instruments Massive, fusing various elements of urban and house music together like many of today's pop hits. Influences include Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake, Calvin Harris and more. This stylistically versatile sonic workhorse will find frequent use in a wide variety of your projects.

  • Both KSD and NMSV formats are included.
  • All 8 Macros assigned on each patch for added expression and variation.
  • Expressive velocity settings on each patch for dynamic playing. 

Price: 18 €. There is an introductory price off: 14,39 €

More information / Demosong:

Patch List


AR Alpha Centauri
BA Bass Plucks 1
BA Bass Plucks 2
BA Bass Plucks 3
BA Bass Plucks 4
BA Bright Red
BA Bonus Sine Sub Patch
BA Computer Science
BA Dark Saw Sub
BA Dark Square Sub
BA Digital Sub
BA Essential Bass
BA Hard Bass Hits 1
BA Hard Bass Hits 2
BA Phat Subz
BA Pop Bass 1
BA Pop Bass 2
BA Pop Bass 3
BA Pop Bass 4
BA Spiked Attack
BA Sub Bass
BA Swell Bass
BA Tekno Phatty
BA Vocaloid Rage
BA Wah Bass
BL Ethnic Bells
BL Soft Synth Mallets
BL Synth Bells
CH Chord Stabs 1
CH Chord Stabs 2
FX Riser 1
FX Riser 2
FX Spin-a-roonie
KB DX Keys
KB Organ Or Bass
KB Synth Elec Piano
KB Synth Piano
KB Tremolo Organ
LD Beauty Saw
LD Fruit Punch
LD Funky Duck
LD Funky Lead
LD Gray Tone
LD House Lead
LD Pop Fusion
LD Rusty 5ths
LD Vibro Glider
LD Warm Square Lead
LD Warm Unison
PD Bell Pad
PD Old Favorite
PD Polished Sheen
PD Simple Pad
PD Soulmate
PD Starlight
PD String Pad
PD Vocal Sweeps
PD Winter Wasteland
PL Bender
PL Buzzy Overtone
PL Fisher Price
PL Folk Remedy
PL PPG-ish
PL Plucksynth
PL Save It
PL Spiked
PL Synpizzi
PL Unison Plucks
PL Uptempo Plucks
PL Warm Vintage Feel
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