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Abbey Road Keyboards for Reason

June 14, 2007

Abbey Road Studios and Propellerhead Software have partnered to produce the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill ($229) for Propellerhead Reason.

The ReFill offers access to Abbey Road Keyboards, a collection of seven unique instruments recorded using the original equipment at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Consisting of Reason 3.0 patches, the ReFill includes samples of famous instruments such as the Steinway “Mrs. Mills” piano, the Challen studio piano, the Hammond RT-3 and Leslie Model 122, the Mannborg Harmonium, the Mellotron Model 400, the Schiedmayer Celeste, and Premier Tubular Bells.

All instruments were captured using Propellerhead''s Hypersampling method; they were recorded at multiple Velocity levels, from many angles, using multiple sets of microphones through the original mics, preamps, consoles, and outboard gear at Abbey Road Studios. With the mic signals available separately in Reason, users of Abbey Road Keyboards can select between vintage-sounding combinations of mics and preamps or clean recordings ready for processing.

The ReFill also includes the Guide To Abbey Road Keyboards, a 40-page booklet by Mark Vail that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the ReFill recording sessions, the mics and outboard gear used, and the instruments themselves.

Additional information is available here.

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