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Ableton Live 6 - Have it your way with Live’s mixer

October 11, 2007


  • To change channel width, click on the line to the right of the track name; the cursor turns into a bracket. Drag left to decrease width, right to increase. To change channel height, click on the splitter line above an audio channel’s fader (or a MIDI channel’s meter). The cursor turns into a double arrow. Drag up to raise the height, drag down to lower. When set to its narrowest width and height (as shown), all you see is a short fader and three buttons (channel active/inactive, solo, and record).
  • Making the channel strip one step “wider” reveals the pan control (the numeric field to the fader’s left).
  • Widening the channel strip further shows a channel peak indicator, which turns chartreuse to indicate when an overload has occurred. Click on the overload indicator to reset it.
  • Dragging the channel to its maximum height extends the height of the fader and meter — good for precise level adjustments.
  • Increasing a channel’s width after increasing its height shows a numeric value in the peak indicator. This indicates how much the track’s highest peak is above, or below, 0. Also, a rectangular field opens up to show a numeric value for the fader setting.
  • Widening the channel even more turns the pan field into a knob; rotating the knob displays its numeric value in the lower left part of the status bar.
  • Extending the width further shows meter/fader calibrations. 
  • Use the buttons toward the mixer’s lower right to show/hide various sections (sends, delay, crossfader, etc.).


  • The narrow width in step 1 allows parsing level/pan settings quickly, and lets you fit lots of tracks on the screen.
  • Changing width also affects the send controls. With a strip at its narrowest, the send controls aren’t visible. Increasing the width shows the sends as fields with numericals, and increasing further turns the fields into controls.
  • When the overload indicator circle is white, the signal has not gone above 0 for that channel since playback began.
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